UN says ex-Yemen president Saleh stole up to $60bn

Ali Abdullah Saleh

Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s former president, is believed to have amassed between $32bn and $60bn through corruption during his 33 years in power, a UN report has said. A panel of experts reported More...

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Do Canadians know what they just voted for?


An ill-formed electorate may not be good for democracy but it often works for politicians. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper could not have wished for a more compliant constituency as More...

Standoff in Sturgeon Landing comes to an end

Standoff in Sturgeon Landing comes to an end

RCMP report a prolonged standoff in Sturgeon Landing, Sask has come to an end. Police say Jonas Budd was taken into custody without incident. Police had surrounded a home in More...

Toronto: Funeral fundraiser for Elijah Marsh far exceeds original goal of $10K

Elijah Marsh

People whose hearts were touched by the death of a three-year-old Toronto boy who wandered out into the cold wearing just a diaper, T-shirt and boots are helping to cover the More...


France to investigate multiple drone sightings in Paris

French authorities have launched an investigation into sightings of drones this week close to sensitive sites in Paris such as the presidential palace and the US embassy, the government More...

Deadly bomb blast hits rally in Ukraine

At least two people have been killed after a blast struck a crowd at a pro-Ukrainian rally far from eastern Ukraine’s war zone, and Kiev said it had arrested suspects More...

Brazil provides combat-style protection on Rio beaches

Brazil provides combat-style protection on Rio beaches

As the carnival in Rio enters its final day, the same Special Forces Unit that normally fights drug trafficking gangs is More...

Venezuela’s National guardsmen begins occupation of Dia a Dia supermarket chain

Dia a Dia supermarket chain

National guardsmen and state price adjusters fanned out across Venezuela Wednesday to impose a military-style occupation More...

Thirty abducted men released by ISIL in Iraq Thirty abducted men released by ISIL in Iraq

Thirty men captured by ISIL fighters near Tikrit in Iraq have been released, an influential sheikh...

US Secretary of State John Kerry US officials question Netanyahu’s judgement

United States officials have questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judgement and said his outspoken condemnation...

EL AL AIRLINES Israel spies posed as EL AL AIRLINES, carried weapons & have unrestricted airport access

Secret cables obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit confirm that South Africa’s spy agencies concurred with...

South Korean court legalises adultery

South Korean court legalises adultery

South Korea’s Constitutional Court has struck down a 60-year-old statute outlawing adultery under which More...

Turkish embassy car targeted in suicide attack in Kabul

A suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosives has targeted a vehicle of the Turkish embassy in the Afghan capital..

Scores killed in Bangladesh ferry accident

At least 48 people including women and children are confirmed dead, and rescuers are still searching for missing passengers after a..

Report: No intelligence failure in Australia cafe siege

No intelligence failure in Australia cafe siege

Eighteen calls were made to an Australian national security hotline about a self-styled cleric in the days before More...

Australian PM has been dogged by poor popularity ratings in recent polls

It has been a tough week for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In the first week back to work for the..

Australian PM defends himself amid slumping polls

Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended his leadership amid speculation that he may be replaced in the wake of..
2015s hottest cities

Living in: 2015’s hottest cities

2015 has no shortage of must-see places. Publications such as the New York Times, Rough Guides and Lonely Planet all put..
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Facebook and Instagram down worldwide after ‘hack’

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide were unable to use Facebook and Instagram for around an hour today.Hackers from online group..
Diseases affecting the poorest can be eliminated

Diseases affecting the poorest can be eliminated, scientists say

It is a little known disease but it could make medical history if scientists’ predictions are correct: yaws could completely disappear..
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